Quality / Testing / Guarantees

When it comes to quality, Titon is committed to excellence and the total satisfaction of its customers and their specific requirements. It strives to be an efficient supplier and to offer its customers a prompt, courteous and effective service. The company seeks to handle and deliver products and services in a manner that is not detrimental to the environment or to the Health and Safety of its staff, customers, or the general public both inside and outside its facilities.

Titon's objective of consistent high quality performance is met by mandatory adherence to procedures, through staff training and the development of personal responsibility for all employees, together with the provision of adequate resources, according to the principles of Quality Assurance.

Titon has full ISO9001 Certification which is the internationally recognised standard for the quality management of businesses. ISO9001 ensures standards are met and monitored in eight core quality management areas, including customer focus, leadership, the involvement of people, a process approach, a systematic approach to management, continual improvement, a  factual approach to decision making and a mutually beneficial supplier relationship. 

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In 2007, Titon celebrated the recognition of its green credentials following the award of its ISO14001 Environmental Management Standard certification.

Titon has a large research, development and testing department in Haverhill, Suffolk. All of Titon's products are subjected to a rigorous regime of quality testing to ensure they meet the performance criteria specified, as well as delivering reliability and optimum performance. To enable Titon to demonstrate its quality, it will test products, wherever applicable, to the latest British and European standards – including full CE approval.

If you have a specification which requires product use in extreme conditions then Titon will investigate further. Please call Titon on 01206 713800 for more details.