Titon - Ventilation Systems

Domestic ventilation products for all types of dwellings

Ventilation has become one of the hot topics of the building industry in recent years – particularly since the recent revisions to the Building Regulations.

Ventilation SystemsThe Code for Sustainable Homes is changing the face of UK housing – increasing quality and improving building methods. Existing ventilation products can still comply with the revised Building Regulations which encourage consideration of various system types. So in many cases, the traditional routes to compliance are still the most cost effective.

Many ventilation companies are relying purely (and misleadingly) on whole house mechanical systems to ensure energy efficient compliance and SAP Appendix Q performance. Titon is the only background ventilator manufacturer which has developed fully revised and improved ranges to offer compliance with Part F. From trickle vents to mechanical ventilation systems with heat recovery, we have all the expertise, the experience and the products.

We have a fully trained and experienced team which specialises in ventilation. They work with housebuilders and developers, as well as local authorities and housing associations, to provide the right solution for any development to ensure it complies with Part F (Ventilation) of the Building Regulations.

If you require information or assistance with Ventilation Systems for dwellings, email ventsales@titon.co.uk or please call 01206 713800 and ask for the Ventilation Systems Department. They can also put you in touch with a local Ventilation Systems Technical Sales Manager if required.