The application of modern building regulations and construction techniques have greatly improved the insulation and airtightness of new dwellings, so increasing the importance of effective ventilation measures to maintain indoor air quality and keep the occupants safe.

At Titon, we supply a comprehensive range of products that meet these demands to help ensure the health of both the occupants and building fabric. Our comprehensive range extends from mechanical ventilation systems with heat recovery, to background ventilators for windows or walls and window opening hardware. We also offer a range of products to meet the demands of noise or air pollution.

All backed by years of experience and specialist knowledge from a trusted source.


Titon Introduces New HRV Controller - August 2014

Titon has launched the new aurastat® V controller with LCD display unit for the commissioning and monitoring of its HRV Q Plus range of Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) units. Click here for more information

Apprenticeships in Conjunction with Cambridge Regional College – August 2014

As part of our employment strategy we have two opportunities to learn a trade at Titon in conjunction with Cambridge Regional College. Click here for more information

What have Trickle Vents ever done for us? Quite a lot actually! - July 2014

In response to original article "Trickle vents? I hate 'em!" (featured in Clearview magazine) Tyson Anderson, Sales and Marketing Director at Titon explains why trickle vents are necessary. Click here for more information