Acoustic Ventilation

SF Sound Attenuator VentThe increase in development of brown field sites has prompted more specifiers to try to achieve better levels of sound attenuation for dwellings. This is a complicated subject, and usually requires collaboration with acoustic consultants to determine the best solution. Ventilation, due to its very nature of letting air circulate within a building, unfortunately compromises the acoustic performance of a property. And the combination effect of ventilation with other items in the building fabric can impact on the overall levels.

This has led a number of ventilator manufacturers to offer productsClick to view the Sound Attenuating Ventilation - Product Solutions Brochure labelled as ‘acoustic vents’, with a price premium over standard models. In many cases these
do not provide any improvement in reducing the noise levels entering a dwelling.
Larger products, containing a great deal of sound attenuating material, are the
only way to demonstrate any noticeable reduction.

As a result, Titon does not alter any standard trickle ventilator product to be promoted as an ‘acoustic’ vent, as we feel this is a false investment for both specifier and manufacturer. The Titon range comprises of only specifically designed noise reducing products which are proven to improve acoustic performance.

Product Dn,e,w dB
SF Xtra Sound Attenuator Ventilator (click for detailed information) 44
AirLiner (air brick) (click for detailed information) 42
AirCore (air brick) (click for detailed information) 50
Sonair (mechanical air supply unit) (click for detailed information) 56

We always recommend dialogue with an acoustic consultant when setting ventilation specifications which detail acceptable noise levels.

Click here to view a document that has been put together to explain the testing procedure for mechanical ventilation products, together with a glossary of terms that are commonly used.