Building Regulations

England & Wales

Building Regulations for England & Wales can be found at the Planning Portal website.

The Regulations are under constant review to improve the standard of buildings, increase energy efficiency and provide satisfactory levels of health and safety.

Of most relevance to users of the Titon website and Titon products are Parts (Approved Documents) F Ventilation and L Conservation of fuel and power. Please see the links to find in depth explanations on the relevant sections of those documents. A list of all the documents is as follows (please check for most up to date versions):

  • Approved Document A – Structure
  • Approved Document B – Fire Safety
    • Volume 1: Dwellinghouses
    • Volume 2: Buildings other than dwellinghouses
  • Approved Document C – Site Preparation and resistance to contaminants and moisture
  • Approved Document D – Toxic sustances
  • Approved Document E – Resistance to the passage of sound
  • Approved Document F – Ventilation (Titon overview)
  • Approved Document G – Hygiene
  • Approved Document H – Drainage & waste disposal
  • Approved Document J – Combustion appliances and fuel storage systems
  • Approved Document K – Protection from falling collision and impact
  • Approved Document L – Conservation of fuel and power (Titon overview)
    • Dwellings
    • L1A New dwellings
    • L1B Existing dwellings
    • Buildings other than dwellings
    • L2A New buildings other than dwellings
    • L2B Existing buildings other than dwellings
  • Approved Document M – Access to and Use of Buildings
  • Approved Document N – Glazing
  • Approved Document P – Electrical Safety
  • Approved Document Q – Security — Dwellings


Scottish Technical Standards.

Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland Building Regulations.


Unfortunately it is not practical to list links to Building Regulations for the Rest of the World. Please search for your requirements on the Internet, most Building Regulations can be accessed by looking at the respective Government websites.