System 2: Passive Stack Ventilation and background ventilators

System 4

Where can it be used?

System 2 can be designed into new build houses or flats where environmental conditions are suitable for the system to function.

How does it work?

Passive stack ventilation is a non-mechanical system, as it uses trickle vents and roof mounted terminals to ventilate via the air pressure difference created by wind passing over the dwelling. However, as an ideal balance is difficult to maintain, PSV may be
offered with mechanical assistance to try and ensure correct performance. Titon do not offer PSV units but our trickle vents are suitable for use on System 2 projects.


What benefits does it offer?

  • No running costs (unless mechanical back up is required)
  • Quiet operation

What difficulties could we encounter?

  • Difficult to replicate system design for standard dwelling design formats
  • May not be effective in all conditions and may need mechanical back up at times, particularly during warm periods
  • Ductwork may be difficult to conceal