Trimvent Ventilators, Garrett Anderson Centre, Suffolk

Development:  Hospital

Site:  Garrett Anderson Centre, Ipswich

Window Fabricator:  Kawneer

Window Material:  Aluminium

System:  Kawneer 601 and AA100 curtain walling

Installer: JPJ Installations Limited

Completion Date:  April 2009

Titon Products Used:

Titon Trimvent 4000 trickle ventilators have been installed at the biggest development at Ipswich Hospital in 30 years.   The new four-storey treatment centre has been designed to provide the hospital with more space and the latest facilities.

Named after Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, the UK’s first female GP and a former mayor of Aldeburgh, the spacious Garrett Anderson Centre gives an additional 8,000 square metres of clinical space to The Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust in Suffolk. New Accident, Emergency and Critical Care departments are sited the ground and first floors with a new theatre and wards on the second and top floor.

Titon trickle ventilators are renowned for the provision of regular, controlled supplies of fresh air which are essential at a hospital. The canopies fitted with the TV 4000 ventilators give added protection against rain and insects. Trickle ventilators are also ideal for night ventilation without compromising the all-important security of a hospital building.

The Titon Trimvent 4000 variable opening trickle ventilators were installed with Kawneer 601 series aluminium windows and AA100 curtain walling at locations throughout the hospital by Braintree-based Kawneer fabricator and approved agent JPJ Installations Limited.

John Clarke, managing director, JPJ Installations said: “The complex and challenging nature of the hospital development meant we choose tried and tested Titon trickle ventilators. They proved the best solution to keep within budget and meet the demands of the project.”  In keeping with the architecture of the building the ventilators are coloured white internally with a grey exterior.

Titon’s comprehensive range of window trickle ventilators has been expanded with new improved designs that assist in compliance with new ventilation regulations in England and Wales. Aluminium, including a new Hi Lift version of the Trimvent 4000 and PVCu models are now available offering increased ventilation.

Specification is a simple process with Titon ventilation systems. Titon has marked EA on each product for easy reference. All ventilation and canopy or grille combinations have been tested in accordance with BS EN 13141:2004.

The Garret Anderson Centre was built over three years by main contractor Kier Eastern for the Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust’s PFI partner Prospect Healthcare. Regular consultation with patients and staff was a feature of the project. 

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