CME1, Epping High Street, Essex

Development:  Residential

Site:  Retirement Housing, Epping High Street, Essex

Builder / Developer:  McCarthy & Stone

Completion Date:  February 2010

Titon Products Used:

Titon’s CME1 efficient continuous mechanical extract units have been installed in a brand new McCarthy & Stone development of 26 mixed one and two bedroom retirement apartments in Epping High Street, Essex.


The CME1 units were specified for the first time in McCarthy & Stone’s South East region at the Epping scheme. Marc Primaroh, Group Research and Development Manager, said: “The CME1 units from Titon provided a good ventilation solution for our requirements as they are very energy efficient and easy to fit with the unique two part installation feature. They are proving very quiet in operation even at full boost ‐ making them perfect for the Epping development”.

The CME1 incorporates a unique tilted impeller, single level ports and has a very large capacity of over 400m3/hr at reasonable static pressure, making it perfect for delivering System 3 of ADF ventilation for dwellings of up to approximately 300m2 floor area, with supply air normally provided via trickle vents. Its unique design ensures that it is not only energy efficient, but also very quiet too.

Its duct ports are all at one level close to the fixing surface and directly accept 204mm or 110mm rectangular ducting, eliminating the need to use bends, flexible duct or adaptors in most installations. Its compact size means it can be fitted into airing cupboards or loft spaces, and fixed in any orientation. The CME1 is perfect for new or refurbishment applications such as flats or apartments where there is only space for rectangular ducting.

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