CME1 Q Plus Units, Vantage Point, London

Development:  Residential

Site:  Vantage Point, London

Housing Association:  Network Stadium Housing Association

Builder / Developer:  Dove Jeffery Homes

Awards:  'Residential Development of the Year 2010' in the Estates Gazette Green Awards

Completion Date:  May 2012

Titon Products Used:

Titon’s CME1 Q Plus continuous mechanical extract unit has been installed in 97 new apartments at the award winning Vantage Point development, London – owned by Network Stadium Housing Association. Installed in one, two and three bedroom apartments, the efficient extract units helped contribute to the project picking up the title of ‘Residential Development of the Year 2010’ in the Estates Gazette Green Awards.

The CME1 Q Plus unit incorporates a unique tilted impeller, single level ports and a very large duty range of over 400m3/hr at reasonable static pressure. This makes it perfect for delivering System 3 ADF ventilation for dwellings with floor areas up to 300m2. Additionally, its unique design ensures that it is energy efficient, as well as very quiet in operation.

All duct ports on the CME 1 Q Plus unit are at one level and close to the fixing surface. They also directly accept 204mm or 110mm rectangular ducting, which not only helps reduce the need for un-necessary bends in ducting, but also eliminates the need to use adaptors – saving on installation time and cost. The product can also be supplied in two parts, to allow fitting by stages on site where necessary. Its compact size also allows the CME1 Q Plus unit to be located in airing cupboards or loft spaces in any orientation, making it perfect for new or refurbishment applications such as flats or apartments where there is only space for rectangular ducting.

Commissioning of the Titon CME 1 Q Plus is simple thanks to the option of a quick commissioning function, or to achieve maximum efficiency, a full commissioning option allows precise speed selection. Again, thanks to its ground-breaking design, the CME1 Q Plus is easy to clean and maintain and the unit can be serviced without the need to disturb any ductwork.

Vantage Point is an iconic, distinctive and award-winning development situated on Digby Road in Homerton, London, owned by Network Stadium Housing Association. Featuring a large biomass heating system, 20% of the buildings energy is supplied by renewable sources.

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