HRV1 Q Plus & HRV2 Q Plus, Graylingwell Park, Chichester

Development:  Residential

Site:  Graylingwell Park, Chichester

Builder / Developer:  Linden Homes

Awards: Best Low or Zero Carbon Initiative (housebuilder awards 2010)

Completion Date:  November 2010

Titon Products Used:

Titon’s HRV1 Q Plus and HRV2 Q Plus are being installed in 105 two and three bedroom homes at award winning Linden Homes’s Graylingwell Park, Chichester. The ultra efficient ventilation units (with heat recovery) have efficiencies of up to 91% and are helping all the houses on the development gain carbon neutral status. The site won the “Best Low or Zero Carbon Initiative” and GallifordTry/Linden Homes "Best Housebuilder 2010" at the recent Housebuilder Awards. 

Graylingwell Park is a joint venture by Linden Homes, Affinity Sutton and Homes and Communities Agency and will offer around 750 new and converted homes within 85 acres of parkland. All homes will be energy efficient with heating supplied by a power plant within an on-site energy centre. Water consumption will also be reduced by 33% compared to standard homes. 

The compact Titon HRV1 Q Plus and HRV2 Q Plus have been independently tested by the BRE and are EST Best Practice compliant.  Thanks to its discreet but revolutionary design, the unit offers the kind of performance that up until now has only been available from much larger and more complex products.

 The HRV1 Q Plus is suitable for properties with a kitchen and up to three additional wet rooms, but is predominantly aimed at applications where space is at a premium. The slightly larger HRV2 Q Plus is perfect for medium to large sized properties and delivers excellent efficiencies and performance. Both units can be fitted in airing cupboards, lofts or service cupboards, and are designed and manufactured in the UK.

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