HRV1 Q Plus, Quoys Phase Three, Sheltand Islands

Development:  Residential

Site:  Quoys Phase three, Shetland Islands

Specifier:  Hjaltland Housing Association

Installer:  E & H Building Contractors

Completion Date:  May 2010

Titon Products Used:

The most northerly and windswept islands in the UK have seen high efficiency Titon HRV1 Q Plus heat recovery ventilation units installed as part of a new build housing development. Titon HRV1 Q Plus units have been installed in the Shetland Islands for the Hjaltland Housing Association Quoys Phase three development, consisting of 34 two and three bedroom homes in the Islands’ capital Lerwick.

ShetlandOccupying the same latitude as Greenland and Alaska, residents of the Shetland Islands experience an average wind speed of force four the whole year round and often considerably higher. As a result properties have to be built to the very highest air tightness standards with whole house ventilation units to provide air changes for a healthy living environment. The energy efficient Titon HRV1 Q Plus units were specified by Paul Leask of the Hjaltland Housing Association who oversees all social housing developments in Lerwick.

Commenting on his reasons for selecting Titon units Paul Leask said: “We specified the Titon HRV1 Q Plus units because the properties we build in Shetland are constructed to the highest air tightness standards due to the windy climate. We therefore rely on efficient whole house ventilation units to provide necessary air changes. As an Association we do not believe we should be relying on a building’s natural air leakage to provide the necessary air changes for a healthy living environment.”

ShetlandThe size and efficiency of Titon HRV1 Q Plus units were also an important factor for Mr Leask. He said: “They are small and compact and do not take up too much room in a building where our objective is to maximise the use of space. These units have a high efficiency rate for the heat exchanger and hence low running costs.” He added: “The service we have received from Titon in terms of design, supply of materials, commissioning etc has been excellent. It is our intention to use Titon for future projects where possible.”

Titon’s HRV1 Q Plus, designed and manufactured in the UK, is the most efficient whole house ventilation (with heat recovery) unit of its size in the UK. It has been independently tested by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) and is Energy Saving Trust (EST) Best Practice compliant. With a discreet but revolutionary design, the unit offers a performance that until now has only been available from larger and more costly products.

Measuring just 600mm x 430mm x 285mm the unit’s size belies its performance – the HRV1 Q Plus is suitable for properties with a kitchen and up to five additional wet rooms, but is predominantly aimed at applications such as apartment developments where space is at a premium. The combination of very low power consumption and a highly efficient heat exchanger (up to 91%) is specifically designed and manufactured to enhance standard assessment procedure (SAP) performance via Appendix Q of Part L.

Shetland based E & H Building Contractors, who focus on providing low energy solutions to heating and ventilation issues, installed the Titon HRV1 Q Plus units. Robert Elphinstone, director at E & H Building Contractors commented: “The small size and whole house energy efficiency of Titon HRV1 Q Plus units are particularly suited to the requirements of construction in our windy Shetland climate, where strict air tightness standards for building prevail.” 

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