Code for Sustainable Homes

"We have to cut carbon emissions from homes. About a third of the homes that we'll be living in by 2050 have not yet been built. We want a star rating to tell people just how well the new homes are doing". Yvette Cooper Minister for Housing 2005-7.

Communities and Local Government (CLG) launched the Code for Sustainable Homes as part of a package of measures aimed at reducing UK carbon emissions and environmental impact. Click here to download.

The Code for Sustainable Homes is a rating scheme for new build housing in England. Homes are star rated from one to six according to the impact they have on the environment, six having the lowest level of impact and zero net carbon emissions.

Each level of the Code specifies minimum standards for energy efficiency, water conservation, surface water management, site waste management, household waste management and the use of materials.

Star Rating Energy Efficiency Target Improvement*
* 10%
** 18%
*** 25%
**** 44%
***** 100%
****** 'zero-carbon' home

* Energy efficiency targets are based on a percentage reduction on the current CO² emission rates set out in Part L1A of the Building Regulations.

In April 2007, the Code for Sustainable Homes replaced the BRE’s EcoHomes standard for the assessment of new housing in England. EcoHomes 2006 will continue to be used for refurbished housing in England and for all housing in Scotland and Wales.

April 2008 Three star rating becomes mandatory for new social-housing developments or developments on state controlled land
May 2008 All new homes to be measured and given a star rating**
2010 All new homes to achieve a three star rating (minimum)
2013 All new homes to achieve a four star rating (minimum)
2016 All new homes to achieve a six star rating (zero carbon)

** If the builder has submitted a building notice, a full plans application or an initial notice for the purposes of building regulations before 1st May 2008, there is no mandatory requirement for a Star Rating.

Case Studies

Titon product has been sucessfully installed in a variety of developments which have been built to the Code for Sustainable Homes level two and above: