Fire Escape

Fire can be a terrifying experience. When people are trying to exit the building in a hurry you need to know that you have the right fittings and windows to ensure occupants can escape quickly and easily.

Titon offers a range of products for a fire egress window, to ensure compliance with relevant Building Regulations and Standards. Full details of these requirements are available on request. It is recommended they are referred to in order to ensure full compliance. In these situations specific hardware within the Titon range can be utilised:

Fire Escape Handles

All Titon handles have a fire escape version, which features a green push button without a lock. This visual aid allows rapid identification of an exit in the case of a fire, without the added complication of a lock needing a key to release the handle.

Securistyle Defender Egress Easy Clean Friction Hinge

This hinge for side hung casement windows allows the sash to open to give the optimum aperture for escape. It satisfies the increased safety requirements now demanded by local authorities and other public bodies for side hung windows. The hinge also features an easy clean facility which self relocates upon closure of window.

  • Allows a suitable window to meet the requirements of Approved Document (Part) B of the Building Regulations of England & Wales or of the Technical Standards Scotland, by providing an unobstructed openable area at least 0.33m² and at least 450mm high and 450mm wide.
  • Allows a suitable window to meet the requirements of BS5588 Part 1: 1990 by providing a 500 x 850mm clear opening for fire escape.