If you are an installer of Titon products and wish to know more about the installation process or technical capabilities of our products, then please look for the relevant product in the Products section where all documentation can be found.

If you are an installer of whole house ventilation systems, we strongly recommend adherence to the RVA (Residential Ventilation Association) Best Practice Installation Guide.

Titon highly recommend attending a certified Domestic Ventilation Systems Training course.

Product manuals/instructions

Titon products are supplied with comprehensive instructions, all our documentation is also available online should you wish to preview suitability before purchase. We fully review and re-write if necessary the documentation for products we purchase and sell-on, to ensure all literature is of the highest standard.

See the relevant product page for relevant documentation or contact us.

Product catalogues

Our Sales literature has recently been fully reviewed and updated in order to provide the purchaser with all the crucial details. We have now also included more technical performance figures. These catalogues are available in hard copy (contact us to request your copy) or to download electronically, whatever is easiest for you.

Where to buy/distributors

You can call the Titon Sales Office direct on 01206 713800, or, if you prefer for flexibility of small orders you can deal with one of our distributors to purchase window or door hardware. Click here for a list and contact details.