The following are animated explanations of three of the four recommended systems used to comply with Part F of the Building Regulations for England & Wales.

System 1


System 3


System 1 is suitable for use in houses and many flats or apartments with multi façades. In some circumstances, it can be difficult to comply with System 1, especially in dwellings with a single façade. For new build or refurbishment.
System 3 is used mainly in new build dwellings due to the need to incorporate ductwork within the building fabric. System 3 is particularly suited to dwellings with single facades.

System 4


System 4 (Loft Installation)


System 4 is suitable for use houses and flats or apartments, usually in premium developments due to the higher cost of purchase and installation.

Titon have also developed a range of animations to demonstrate the features of our HRV units:

Setback Speed


Boost Speed with Overrun Timer

Setback - Provides a reduced ventilation rate for dwellings that are unoccupied for a long period
Boost - Increases ventilation rates on demand, set on install in accordance with the requirements of the applicable Regulations.



Summer Bypass

SUMMERboost® - Only available with ABS option, increases both the supply and extract to full speed when the automatic bypass engages.
Summer Bypass - Automatically controlled, bypasses the heat exchanger when indoor/outdoor temperature conditions make heat exchange undesirable.

Summer Mode


Automatic Frost Protection

Summer Mode - Turns off the supply air on demand or via a remote thermostat. (Additional controllable background ventilation may be required).
Frost Protection - reduces the flow rate of cold air, thus allowing the warmer stale air to raise the temperature within the heat cell to such a level that prevents the formation of ice.

 For written descriptions of the features, please click here.