Ventilation - Overview

Energy efficiency is the order of today. Seal up and insulate houses to reduce heating requirements and therefore green house gases. But getting the ventilation right is vital. Ventilation, heating and insulation are the three factors which combine to affect a building's performance, and also the occupants' health.

Ventilation is key to reducing condensation and associated mould growth – protecting both the building fabric and the wellbeing of the homeowners.

To achieve improved levels of ventilation, heating and insulation and the balance between them, the Building Regulations and Technical Standards in the UK, as well as other countries, are being regularly updated, but the emphasis continues towards more whole building ventilation solutions.

For domestic situations there are more involved requirements which take into account the total ventilation levels throughout the dwelling. The increasing prevalence of dampness and mould in the home increases the number of people susceptible to asthma and allergies in many countries.

In non-domestic buildings, as before, each project has its own set of design issues and to allow for this there are various documents available which give guidance according to the building type. These are referred to within the Regulations and Technical Standards.

Windows and doors play an important part in providing ventilation in a home, whether it's opening a window for 'purge' ventilation or through the use of trickle vents for controlled and secure background ventilation.

Titon's ventilation range includes full whole house systems, which have come to the fore due to the emphasis on improved energy efficiency, as well as trickle vents and window opening systems.

Replacement windows are fitted to reduce air leakage and insulate from the cold outside. It is essential to fit trickle ventilators in these circumstances, as they will compensate for the reduction in accidental air leakage around old or poorly fitted frames and glass.

Major building research bodies and energy efficiency programmes advocate the need for secure background ventilation. Ventilation through handle night vent positions is being discouraged as a result. Trickle vents should therefore be installed as good practice in all replacement windows as endorsed by recent GGF guidance.

Titon also has a number of fittings and accessories suitable for use in what are called 'limited access' situations. The term 'limited access' includes windows and ventilators that cannot be reached in normal circumstances, for instance over a sink, in a stairwell or high up in a sports hall, as well as windows where the user has limited dexterity or mobility.

Titon is a major source of knowledge on ventilation and offers advice on all aspects of the subject. A dedicated information website is regularly updated with news on legislative developments in England & Wales. The site also runs a subscription service to those interested in receiving updates via email.

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