CME1 Q Plus with Humidity Sensor - June 2013

Titon’s CME 1 Q Plus continuous mechanical extract unit is now available with an integrated Humidity Sensor as an optional extra (not retrofitable). The Humidity Sensor continuously monitors the relative humidity (RH) of the combined extracted air and triggers Boost Speed when the RH rises over the set threshold. The Humidity Sensor’s trigger point is variable from 55%RH to 85%RH and is configured using step-less independent potentiometer.

The CME 1 Q Plus incorporates single level ports and a very large duty range of up to 400m³/hr (110 l/s) at reasonable static pressure. This makes it perfect for delivering System 3 ADF ventilation for dwellings with floor areas up to 300m². Additionally, its unique design ensures that it is energy efficient, as well as very quiet in operation.

All duct ports on the CME 1 Q Plus unit are at one level and close to the fixing surface. They also directly accept 204 x 60mm or 110 x 54mm rectangular ducting, which not only helps reduce the need for un-necessary bends in ducting, but also eliminates the need to use adaptors – saving on installation time and cost. The product can also be supplied in two parts (first fix and second fix kits), to allow fitting by stages on site where necessary. Its compact size also allows the CME 1 Q Plus unit to be located in airing cupboards or loft spaces in any orientation, making it perfect for new or refurbishment applications such as flats or apartments where there is only space for rectangular ducting.

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