Intellectual Property Rights - Update Re: Nuaire- February 2013

Titon Hardware Ltd takes the protection of its Patents and other Intellectual Property Rights seriously and take the necessary steps to defend them. Therefore on Tuesday 15 November 2011, Titon issued a claim with the High Court of Justice, Chancery Division in London against Nuaire Limited.

Titon are pleased to announce that a settlement has been reached with Nuaire in respect of the alleged patent and design right infringements that were commenced in 2011. Nuaire has paid Titon a cash sum and will be ceasing to sell two products from 31 March 2013.

Titon’s ongoing commitment to in house Research & Development means we have an extensive knowledge of the ventilation products we manufacture and ensure performance levels are consistently achieved through strict Quality Control processes. Titon continue to be at the forefront of the domestic ventilation industry, constantly updating product specification to benefit house builders and end users, in addition to encouraging improved standards of installation via best practice.