Titon and Anglian Help 'Homes in Havering' Achieve Optimum Efficiency - November 2011

The installation of Titon’s Vent-Trex overhead combined extract/background ventilators and high performing Maxiglaze, energy efficient glazed-in ventilators is helping ‘Homes in Havering’ to improve ventilation in 4,000 council-owned houses.

Homes in Havering
, an Arms-Length Management Organisation (ALMO), working in partnership with Titon and Anglian Building Products, the business to business division of Anglian Windows, are carrying out major works programmes for the London Borough of Havering, to achieve the Government’s Decent Homes Standard for all the properties it manages, by 2015.

Titon’s Maxiglaze ventilators and Vent-Trex combined overhead extract and background ventilator were fitted to windows installed throughout Havering by double-glazing specialists, Anglian Building Products. Titon’s window ventilator range is used by Anglian Building Products on numerous social housing window replacement projects throughout the UK. John Fairweather Anglian Technical Director said: “Titon remain our preferred ventilation solution provider and are a key member of our supply chain.”

Easy to install, Titon’s Vent-Trex is a combined overhead extract fan and trickle ventilator for use in kitchens and bathrooms. Vent-Trex is ideal for refurbishment situations, as it does not damage the fabric of the building, providing a minimum Equivalent Area (EA) of 2500mm² and extract ventilation rates offering compliance via one product. One of the main benefits of installing Vent-trex is that it will solve extract ventilation issues during any window replacement programme, saving considerable cost. Installation overheads are also low, combined with minimum energy usage, ensures cost effectiveness. There is also an optional humidistat option and remote or integral Power Supply Unit (PSU) for ease of use.

For use on PVCu, timber or aluminium windows, Titon’s Maxiglaze is an energy efficient glazed-in aluminium ventilator that provides an Equivalent Area (EA) of 12000mm² per metre of extrusion. Optimum performance over length requires fewer vents to be fitted to achieve total requirement. The Maxiglaze is available in made to measure sizes or in bar length in a variety of colours to ensure convenience and ultimate flexibility.

Tyson Anderson, Titon’s Sales and Marketing Director said: “All Titon’s ventilators are designed with optimum performance in mind to comply with the latest building regulations and standards throughout the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe. Quality of product and supply has always been a top priority for Titon and we know how important meeting the Decent Homes standard is.”