Titon awarded green certification 01/2008

Titon, the market leader in ventilation in Europe, is celebrating the recognition of its green credentials following the award of its ISO14001 Environmental Management Standard certification.

As part of the certification process, Titon had all its waste streams examined and has put in place a number of improvements including the recycling and reuse of all plastics, shredding all waste paper and reusing it in product packaging and re-smelting metals. All old and unwanted computer equipment is now recycled or disposed of under the WEEE Directive, which governs electrical and electronic waste. Additionally, the factory’s effluent treatment plant is fitted with a neutraliser to ensure the pH levels of its waste water are correct.

The certification process and its ongoing compliance are being overseen by John Curtis, Titon’s Health & Safety Manager. He said: “We’ve always worked hard to ensure our operations don’t have a detrimental effect on the environment. By gaining ISO14001 Certification, we can now prove we’re doing our bit.”

Tyson Anderson, Sales and Marketing Director for Titon, commented: “Everyone at Titon understands the impact our business has on the environment, and by actively seeking ways to reduce our waste, and our carbon footprint, we can minimise any harmful effects. ISO14001 Certification is often demanded by our customers, so now we can demonstrate our environmental credentials.”

ISO14001 Standards help companies to minimise any detrimental effects their operations may have on the environment, as well as ensuring they continue to improve on their environmental management.