Titon CME Units Installed at Greenwich Square - October 2014

140 Titon CME1 Q Plus mechanical extract units have been installed as part of the first phase at the new Greenwich Square development in London, where a mixture of 1-3 bedroom apartments, maisonettes and 4-bedroom townhouses have been built on the site of an old hospital. The multiphase project, which also includes new retail and leisure facilities, began in 2012 and will boast 645 dwellings in total when fully completed in 2015.

The Titon CME1 Q Plus units have been used in two of the housing blocks on site, where they were specified by ChapmanBDSP before being installed by Imtech.

Explaining how the Titon units came to be selected, Mark Poulter, Senior Mechanical Engineer working for the Services Consultant on the project, ChapmanBDSP, said: "We regularly specify Titon products. The CME1 Q Plus units were chosen here because of their quiet operation and wide performance range, which suited properties from small studio flats to three-bedroom apartments. The physical size and installation method ensured that the units were capable of being installed discreetly at high level within the services cupboard of each dwelling. We specified Titon for both Blocks 1 and 2, as they offered excellent means of ventilating the new properties, while meeting the budgetary requirements for the project."

Titon's energy efficient CME1 Q Plus incorporates a unique tilted impeller, single level ports and has a very large capacity of over 400m³/hr, enabling it to deliver System 3 of ADF ventilation for dwellings of up to approximately 300m² floor area.

Duct ports are all at one level close to the fixing surface and directly accept 204mm or 110mm rectangular ducting, eliminating the need to use adaptors in most installations.

Furthermore, the ground-breaking design of the CME1 Q Plus allows for easy cleaning and maintenance, while the unit can be serviced without the need to disturb any ductwork.

More information about Titon's CME range can be found here. Please note that the CME1 Q Plus has now been replaced with the CME2 Q Plus.