Titon enhances its ultra efficient HRV Q Plus MVHR units with new controls - Mar 2011

Titon’s popular and ultra‐efficient HRV Q Plus whole house ventilation (with heat recovery) units have been enhanced to include new controls which will make commissioning for the installer much easier. The controls have been designed to enable simple compliance with the newly amended Part F Building Regulations.

The new controls include a three speed fan control which can be independently set. The timer has been made easier to set, controllable by four finger adjustable potentiometers (pots) and a PCB‐mounted three‐way slide selector switch.

To eliminate problems from user interference post‐commissioning, once the slide selector switch has been left in run mode, the potentiometers are isolated and made tamper proof. However, the supply and extract fan speeds can be set/controlled individually to balance the ventilation system and ensure energy use is kept to a minimum. The boost timer control has a selectable variable range for boost – from “off” to one hour – which is controlled by the fourth potentiometer.

The new controls also feature “Intelligent Frost Protection” which proportionately reduces the supply fan speed depending on the measured temperature of the outgoing air leaving the heat cell. The frost protection will ensure that the ventilation unit will not freeze when there is a very low outside air temperature, while maintaining its maximum efficiency.

Also included in the controls upgrade is a switch activated summer option which switches off or reduces supply when windows are opened or trickle ventilation is included in air tight houses. Finally the addition of a summer by pass option and controls for the incorporation of duct heaters into the system.

Tyson Anderson, Sales and Marketing Director, Titon said: “As more and more houses are built to higher levels of the Code for Sustainable Homes, ventilation is becoming increasingly important ‐ and sophisticated. Our units are already specified by some of the UK’s largest housebuilders and housing associations, and these new features will allow them the control they need to deliver energy efficient and cost effective ventilation.”

There are four models in the HRV Q Plus range which means there is a unit for a huge variety of house sizes from small apartments to large family homes. All models in the HRV Q Plus range are designed and manufactured by Titon in the UK. As you would expect, all HRV Q Plus models perform to Energy Savings Trust Best Practice levels and many are among the most efficient units for their size available in the UK. All have been designed to give benefits to specifiers, contractors and end users.