Titon flying high at new housing development - Mar 2011

The occupants of over 150 properties at Havilland Wood, an Abbey New Homes development in Mildenhall, Suffolk, are benefitting from clean air and reduced noise levels thanks to Sonair acoustic ventilation units from Titon.

Havilland Wood is a development of apartments as well as larger family homes, situated close to the historic military airbase, currently used by the US Air Force.

The individual room wall mounted Sonair units were specified for their ability to deliver filtered fresh air, as well as attenuating the intermittently high external noise levels from military jets at the nearby airbase. Industry leading sound attenuation levels of 56dB made Sonair the perfect choice for the development.

All Sonair acoustic ventilation units come with a G2 filter as standard, which captures 50‐70% of particles larger than 10μm under normal dust load conditions. If dust loads are moderate to high, the optional F6 filter captures 99% of all dust particles including pollen, spores, cement dust and excreta of the house dust mite – making it ideal for occupants with allergies or asthma.

Additional features include a quiet operation level of down to 15dB and low energy consumption from 13 Watt at 17 l/s. Easy to install, easy to operate and measuring just 445mm high by 310mm wide and 134mm deep, the Sonair’s compact size makes it suitable for all room sizes.

Mike Matlin, UK Sales Manager, Titon Ventilation Systems, said: “With the Government and planning authorities encouraging development on brownfield and inner city sites, the issues of noise and fresh air need to be addressed. The great thing about the Sonair unit is that it delivers fresh filtered air to keep the occupants comfortable and healthy, and goes a long way to diminish any unwanted background noise from planes, trains and automobiles!”

Havilland Wood is located in the centre of Forest Heath in Suffolk and is conveniently situated close to Newmarket, 26 miles from Cambridge with good links to London via the M11.