Titon Introduces New HRV Controller - August 2014

Titon has launched the new aurastat® V controller with LCD display unit for the commissioning and monitoring of its HRV Q Plus range of Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) units.

The aurastat® V can be used to set and control an array of features. It has a boost alert timer, which notifies the user if the system has been inadvertently left in boost. There are also programmable boost overrun timers (which can be set for kitchen and wet rooms independently) controlling how long the unit remains in boost speed after all boost switches have been released.

Another function is a programmable boost delay timer, which can be used to postpone the HRVs from running at boost speed after a boost switch has been activated. The controller can be used to set Summer Mode, Summer Bypass and SUMMERboost®, as well as demand control features via proportional sensor inputs. Room sensor options include air quality, temperature, CO2 and humidity.

While most of the settings are determined during commissioning, end users continue to have control over many features including; the boost overrun timer, boost delay timer and filter change alert interval and reset. The occupant also has control over the relative humidity sensor set points, which switch the HRV unit into boost, as well as being able to set the 24-hour clock, day of week and backlight brightness preference.

The aurastat® V has seven buttons which control, configure and monitor the HRV using five different menu systems. The buttons have different functions according to which menu is active. The display is a 90mm LCD screen with a back light, and utilises a mixture of icons, text and figures grouped into regions to communicate information to the user.

Commenting on the new programmable controller, Mike Matlin, UK Sales Manager, Titon Vent Systems Division, said: "The aurastat® V offers end users complete control of their HRV systems, contributing significantly to improved air quality and indoor comfort. It is straightforward to program and use, while its many features and boost timers ensure the system will function correctly and in line with end user requirements."