Titon launches ground-breaking central mechanical extract unit 07/2009

Titon has launched an ultra-efficient central mechanical extract unit – the CME1 Q Plus. Thanks to its revolutionary “clamshell” design the CME1 Q Plus is easy to install, easy to connect, is SAP Appendix Q eligible and is EST Best Practice compliant. The innovative design reduces installation time and costs.

The CME1 Q Plus incorporates a unique tilted impeller, single level ports and has a very large capacity of over 400m³/hr at reasonable static pressure, making it perfect for delivering System 3 of ADF ventilation for dwellings of up to approximately 300m² floor area. Its unique design ensures that it is not only very energy efficient but also very quiet too.

Its duct ports are all at one level close to the fixing surface and directly accept 204mm or 110mm rectangular ducting, eliminating the need to use bends, flexible duct or adaptors in most installations. Its compact size means it can be fitted into airing cupboards or loft spaces, and it can be fixed in any orientation. Supply air is normally provided by trickle vents. It is also perfect for refurbishment applications such as flats or apartments where there is only space for rectangular ducting.

Commissioning is simple thanks to the option of a quick commissioning function, or to achieve maximum efficiency, a full commissioning option allows precise speed selection. Again, thanks to its groundbreaking design, the CME1 Q Plus is easy to clean and maintain and the unit can be serviced without the need to disturb any ductwork.

The CME1 Q Plus measures 390mm wide by 450mm high by 252mm deep and is guaranteed for three years and should be installed in accordance with the Residential Ventilation Association’s Good Practice Guidelines.

A non-SAP Q version (the CME1) is also available for projects where EST Best Practice and SAP Appendix Q compliance is not required.

Tyson Anderson, Sales and Marketing Director, Titon said: “We strive continually to offer the best performing and most innovative ventilation products to specifiers and installers.  We are particularly proud of the CME1 Q Plus – not only does it look completely different to everything else on the market it performs better than any of its competitors. Its easy installation and maintenance provides a cost-saving opportunity for developers when compared to conventional ADF System 3 product choices which will ensure it is a popular and regularly specified ventilation unit.”