Titon launches revolutionary High Flow Q Plus Airbrick 11/2009

Titon has launched a revolutionary airbrick designed to complement its ultra efficient Q Plus range of whole house ventilation products.  Thanks to its revolutionary yet discreet design the High Flow Q Plus Airbrick is easy to install, easy to connect and cheaper than a standard double airbrick.

Despite its high performance, the High Flow Q Plus is the size of a standard house brick, rather than the typical double size of comparable products.  Not only does this make life easier for the bricklayer, as no cuts have to be made in surrounding courses of brick, but cheaper too, as no adapters are needed to go from a larger-sized brick to standard rectangular ducting.

The High Flow Q Plus Airbrick is supplied as a package with ducting and the airbrick can be delivered ahead of schedule and separately to the ducting to allow for the building process.

Tyson Anderson, Titon’s Sales and Marketing Director, said: “It’s fair to say that an airbrick won’t change the world.  However, the High Flow Q Plus Airbrick from Titon will help keep costs down and make bricklayers lives easier.  It also eliminates the need for additional adapters ensuring airflow right through the system is kept clean and efficient.”