Titon Unveils New Ventilation Systems Catalogue - January 2016

Titon has launched a new, fully updated version of its Ventilation Systems catalogue, as further testament to the ongoing investment and development in its product portfolio.

The 82-page catalogue showcases the company's range of mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR) units, alongside continuous mechanical extract (MEV) products, and alternative system ventilation products. Controllers and switches are also profiled, as well as ducting and maintenance-related items, such as spare filters.

Among the products featured is the HRV Q Plus MVHR range, which has recently been enhanced with the introduction of 'ECO' models that incorporate a diverting summer or thermal bypass. These models are specifically recognised and listed in the UK Product Characteristics Database (PCDB). Each product is designed and manufactured by Titon in the UK, with all units performing within the Energy Savings Trust Best Practice levels.

Commenting on the new literature, Nicola Rivers, Specification Manager at Titon Ventilation Systems, said: "This new catalogue is a comprehensive guide to the products and services offered by our Ventilation Systems division. From MVHR and MEV units, through to controls and ducting, our products can be used in a multitude of housing projects. The catalogue illustrates precisely how we can assist customers and specifiers with every aspect of their ventilation requirements and why we are the preferred choice of so many people. There is also a section comprising examples of consultant specifications for our MVHR and MEV products which can be used in tender documents and proposals."

The catalogue will be a valuable source of information for specifiers, contractors and developers, and is available to download in PDF format.

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