Titon Vent-trex Fans Used By Enfield Homes - November 2014

An array of Vent-trex combined extract/background ventilators from Titon have been installed by Enfield Homes in over 60 four-storey maisonette blocks at Langhedge Lane in Edmonton. The ventilators have been incorporated as part of a window replacement programme for its local authority housing stock, and were installed between August and October 2013 under the supervision of contractor Keepmoat.

Single-speed fans with humidistats (HB) were fitted in the bathrooms of the maisonette blocks, while twin-speed fans with humidistats (HK) were utilised in the kitchens.

Commenting on how the Titon products came to be specified, a spokesperson from Enfield Homes, explained: "The properties in Langhedge Lane were redeveloped as part of a Decent Homes external enveloping contract, which included window replacement. We opted to use Vent-trex because their versatility enabled us to provide background ventilation in locations where it wasn't possible to install a conventional 'through the wall' extract fan. The Titon fans were ideal for the application; they were simple to install without any problems, and caused no damage to the fabric of the buildings."

Easy to clean and maintain, Vent-trex is a unique combined overhead extract fan and trickle ventilator for kitchens and bathrooms that fits discreetly within the window aperture on top of the window frame itself. It is ideal for refurbishment situations where wall penetration is undesirable, as it does not damage the fabric of the building or where external aesthetics need to be preserved.

Units provide a trickle ventilation performance Equivalent Area (EA) of 2500mm² minimum and extract ventilation rates to suit either kitchen or bathroom offering compliance via one product.

Vent-trex has undergone rigorous testing and is CE marked and IP rated to IP24, with all relevant electrical standards met within these tests. It also complies with the background and extract ventilation requirements of the Building Regulations.

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