Titon’s Reflex Restrictors are Safe and Secure - May 2015

Designed with safety and security in mind, Titon’s Reflex face mounted cable restrictors limit how far a window can open. Suitable for use on either PVCu, timber or aluminium windows, these restrictors are ideal for rooms that regularly require ventilation, such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Three different types of Reflex restrictor are available, each of which mount to a window in a similar way. While standard restrictors use a ‘bullet’ on the end of the cable that is pushed up into the casting, Titon’s Reflex cable is permanently attached to the two bodies, which slide down onto a baseplate mounted to the window frame and sash. This means, once released, the body still needs to be slid up and off the casting before the window can be opened.

Of the three Reflex restrictor types, the ‘Push to release’ model is the easiest to detach, followed by the ‘Key to release’ variant which, as the name implies, requires a key to operate. The third model is the ‘Tamper resist’ restrictor, which needs a “Pin Torx” tool in order to detach; this is not something that an occupant is likely to have to hand, so this can be viewed as the most secure of the three types available.

Reflex restrictors are supplied in either black or white and can be fitted to both inward and outward opening windows – as part of new build and retrofit applications. Special lengths and colours are also available on request. Each type has been fully tested to BS and BS EN standards.

Commenting on the range of restrictors, Tyson Anderson, Sales & Marketing Director at Titon, said: “Reflex offers a range of safety benefits, especially the models requiring either a key or Pin Torx tool. Having three types of release mechanism gives the duty holder the maximum choice during the specification process.”

He continued: “Plus, according to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROPSA), over 4,000 children in the UK fall out of windows and injure themselves each year, so fitting window restrictors in the home is an excellent means of improving child safety.”

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