Titon's HRV Unit is a True Work of Art - May 2013

An efficient HRV 1.75 Q Plus Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) unit from Titon has been installed at the seafront home of Jersey artist Ian Rolls. The property, situated just a few feet away from Corbiere Lighthouse, dates back to World War II, when it was originally a concrete bunker and used as a store room for a hotel. Half of the building is located underground, with the new ventilation system being installed as part of an extensive refurbishment and renovation project.

The MVHR unit was installed by Mark Salisbury of Jersey building firm Bisson Brothers, who commented: “This is a very unique property, both in terms of its location and construction. As only two of its sides face outwards, with the rest of it underground, ventilation was an essential requirement. We opted to use Titon’s HRV 1.75 Q Plus unit for this job mainly because of its size. Its compactness was perfectly suited for the interior of the building, which contains some pretty small spaces and low ceiling heights.

“We also had to employ a combination of solid steel, steel rigid and plastic 220 x 60 ducting, depending on the environment. The commissioning was successfully completed last month and Ian was very pleased with the results.”

Titon’s HRV 1.75 Q Plus MVHR unit has been independently tested by the BRE and is EST Best Practice compliant. Each unit is designed to be installer friendly, with features such as a quick fix mounting bracket, easy to adjust fan speeds, fully adjustable timer over-run for boost and ports that accept either 125mm or 150mm round ducts without the need for adaptors. The units are also incredibly efficient for their size, as well as light weight – making handling much easier.

The combination of extremely low power consumption, down to 0.41 W/l/s, and a highly efficient heat exchanger, up to 91%, is specifically designed to enhance SAP performance via Appendix Q, yet still small enough to be easily incorporated into larger apartments or small to medium sized dwellings. The HRV 1.75 Q Plus MVHR unit is available in three models, two of which include Summer Bypass.

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