Domestic ventilation systems for all types of dwellings

Ventilation has become one of the hot topics of the building industry in recent years – particularly since the recent revisions to the Building Regulations for England & Wales.

We have a fully trained and experienced team which specialises in domestic ventilation systems. They work with house builders and developers, as well as local authorities and housing associations, to provide the right ventilation system for any development to ensure it complies with Part F (Ventilation) of the Building Regulations and other Technical Standards. From mechanical ventilation with heat recovery sytems (MVHR) to trickle ventilators, Titon has product to aid compliance with the requirements of the Code for Sustainable Homes.

We have a dedicated Design team can also take plans for any housing development and recommend the most efficient whole house ventilation unit according to build specification.

The Titon range of mechanical ventilation with heat recovery units have been developed in-house and are manufactured at Titon’s factory in the UK. All are thoroughly tested and many achieve Energy Savings Trust Best Practice performance levels. All Titon products also offer unique benefits throughout the supply chain, being highly efficient to specify, supply, fit and operate.

HRV 1 Q Plus - Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery Unit


CME - Mechanical Extract Ventilation Unit