CME (Continuous Mechanical Ventilation)

A CME system uses background ventilators, usually trickle ventilators fitted in windows and a centrally located continuously running mechanical extract fan with ducts running from the moisture producing areas or “wet rooms” such as kitchens and bathrooms. The background ventilators provide the whole building ventilation and the central mechanical extract fan runs continuously to remove odours and excessive humidity.

A boost facility provides rapid extraction when necessary to remove higher levels of pollutants. As an alternative, continuously running localised fans may be used in place of a centrally located continuously running mechanical extract fan ducted to extract areas.

For an animation on how CME works, click here.

All CME models on this site are designed and manufactured by Titon. The Titon CME unit is an very competitive product, with many unique design features, offering benefits to specifiers, contractors and end users. The highest efficiency model, the CME1 Q Plus, performs to Energy Savings Trust Best Practice levels.

The range is split into three sections: High Efficiency (the Q Plus range), Basic and Localised.

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