Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery

HRV 1 Q PlusA centrally located continuously running mechanical supply and extract fan extracts air via ducts from moisture producing areas or “wet rooms”, such as kitchens and bathrooms, to remove odours and excessive humidity. This air is passed over a heat exchanger, which transfers a high proportion of the heat of the extracted air to the incoming air, which is then distributed to the habitable rooms via ducts.

Whole building ventilation is maintained by a constant flow of air between input and extract points. A boost facility provides rapid extraction when necessary to remove higher levels of pollutants. As an alternative, every room may have an individual unit as opposed to a centrally located and ducted unit. No background ventilators are required in this System.

For an animation on how Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) works, click here.

All models in the Domestic Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery range are designed and manufactured by Titon. All models perform to Energy Savings Trust Best Practice levels and many are the most efficient units for their size available in the UK. All have been designed to give benefits to specifiers, contractors and end users.

System 4HRV1 Q Plus