For use with Titon HRV Q Plus Range

Titon offers a wide range of controls, switches and sensors to complement its range of MVHR and CME products:  

auramode basic programmer

aura-t™ - HRV Q Plus Touch screen Programmer

auramode® - HRV Q Plus Basic Programmer

aurastat® - V & VT HRV Q Plus Controller

auralite® - Remote status indicator

Switches - For use with whole house (MVHR or CME) ventilation systems depending on ventilation system design specification

Sensors - Compatible with aurastat® controller


All Titon’s controls comply with *NHBC’s recommendations with regard to Indication and Controls allowing for ease of access and simple to use.

For more information contact - 01206 713800 or

*Further information can be found in Chaper 8.3, section 8.3.6 of the NHBC Standards guide.

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