HRV Q Plus Touch-screen Programmer

For use with Titon HRV Q Plus Range

aura-t™ basic programmer aura-t™ is a simple yet striking touchscreen controller for programming, commissioning and occupancy control for Titon’s range of Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery (MVHR) units.

The aura-t™ touch screen controller allows straightforward operation of ventilation speeds. Offering a display that is back lit.




aura-t™ provides the following functions:

  • Digital 4 speed switch
  • Auto timed speed mode (TP536/EU only)
  • 7-day, 4 events per day programmable Speed 1 timer (TP536/EU only)
  • Filter change indicator
  • Internal MVHR humidity set point adjustment
  • Boost inhibit functions linked to timed Speed 1 (avoiding night time boosting via either switch inputs or humidity).

aura-t™ is an icon based rather than language specific controller.

Features & Benefits

  • Simple user friendly interface
  • Compact sleek design
  • 4 speed manual control (OFF feature TP536/EU only)
  • 7 day programmable automatic Speed 1 timer (TP536/EU only)
  • Real-time fan commissioning for all speeds
  • Filter change alert indicator
  • Internal humidity threshold adjustment
  • Kitchen & wet room boost overrun time adjustment
  • Programmable boost inhibit (TP536/EU only)
  • Switch configuration menu
  • Time and day display
  • Backlight with automatic dimming
  • Real-time indication of HRV status and operating mode
  • Optional passcode protected commissioning and setup screens
  • Summer bypass configuration men
  • 8 hour timeout for manual operation (TP536/EU only)
  • Fan failure indication
  • Manual boost inhibit (TP536/GBR only)
  • 1 hour timeout for Speeds 1,3 and 4 (TP536/GBR only)

System 4

 Compatible with B versions of:

  • HRV1.25 Q Plus
  • HRV1.35 Q Plus
  • HRV1.75 Q Plus
  • HRV2 Q Plus
  • HRV2.85 Q Plus
  • HRV3 Q Plus
  • HRV3 PH ECOAura
  • HRV10 Q Plus
  • HRV10M Q Plus
  • HRV10.25 Q Plus
  • HRV10M.25 Q Plus
  • H200 Q Plus


Titon’s aura-t™ HRV is for commissioning and monitoring a Titon TP***B HRV Q Plus unit.

Product Code



Dimensions: 87mm wide x 87mm high x 24mm deep
Supplied with 3 metre connection cable
Weight: 185g
Finish: High gloss finish
Materials: ABS
Guarantee period: 1 year
Electrical: 12V DC

More information / 01206 713800