Compatible with aurastat® controller

For use with Titon HRV Q Plus Range

0-10V SensorSensors designed to work in conjunction with aurastat® compatible HRV Q Plus units. Wired to the HRV unit, the sensors are set and controlled via aurastat®.





RST - Room Temperature Sensor

  • Precision temperature sensing
  • Fast response to changes in thermal comfort conditions
  • Equipped with a platinum sensor
  • 0-10Vdc/0-20mA analogue output signal

RCE - Room CO2 Sensor

  • Measures the concentration of CO2 from 450 to 1850 ppm in air
  • Transforms the signal to a standard analogue output of 0-10 V or 0-20 mA
  • The CO2 concentration is measured using a NDIR sensor which is self-calibrating and maintenance-free in a normal environment

The carbon dioxide level is a parameter that determines the quality of the interior climate.

The CO2 level is a good benchmark for the level of ventilation in a room.

RSH - Room Humidity Sensor

  • Enhanced humidity sensing capabilities
  • Suited to applications where precise, stable humidity sensing is required
  • Maintains highly accurate control using built in self-calibration and a 0-10 Vdc/0-20 mA analogue output signal

RSQ - Room Air Quality Sensor

  • Measures the concentration of over 30 different contaminants
  • Transforms the signal to a standard analogue output of 0-10 Vdc or 0-20 mA
  • Concentration is measured by the use of an air quality sensor which is maintenance-free in a normal environment
  • Monitors the air quality by a unique oxidising element that varies in resistance with respect to the contaminant gases
  • Output signal corresponds to the combined concentration of more than 30 gases typically found in indoor environments
  • Provides a more accurate representation of the actual air quality than a CO2 sensor

The RSQ sensor is able to detect:

  • Iso-butane, Methane, Ethane, Propane
  • Acetone, Methanol, N-pentane, Benzene
  • Sulfur dioxide, Chlorine, Carbon dioxide
  • Vinyl chloride, Methyl chloride
  • Tobacco smoke, Alcohol, Formaldehyde

PIR - Movement Sensor

The PIR detector switch is designed to provide automatic control of ventilation loads. They detect movement using a PIR sensor and turn the load on. When an area is no longer occupied the load will switch off after an adjustable time out period.

When the unit is first powered up the PIR sensor will always detect immediately regardless of whether the room is occupied. A selectable power up delay allows the installer to choose whether the load comes on immediately when the unit is powered up or is kept off for a small time (about 40 seconds) to allow the sensor to settle.

PIR - Presence/Absence Detector and Handset

3 Speed Switch  

The TP583 ceiling mounted (passive infrared) presence detector provides automatic timed control of ventilation with optional manual control.

The output channel comprises a mains voltage relay capable of simple on/off switching. This unit provides an isolated voltage free contact output.

Functioning as a presence detector, the unit can boost when a room is occupied and off when the room is empty

Touch Button Timer

The Touch Button Timer delay switch is designed to provide timed control of ventilation loads. Using push button, touch (light press required), the user can switch on a load for a preset time period and have the load turn off automatically after the time period has elapsed.

Multiple timing ranges come as standard to allow the time out period to be set accurately. Time setting is achieved using switches and a thumbwheel at the rear of the unit.

System 4


Sensor dimensions

PIR - Movement Sensor

 PIR - Presence/Absence Detector and Handset

 Touch Button Timer



Sensors designed to work in conjunction with aurastat® compatible HRV Q Plus units (aurastat® controller).

Product Code

RST: Room Temperature Sensor - TP543

RSQ: Room Air Quality Sensor - TP540

RCE: Room CO2 Sensor - TP541

RSH: Room Humidity Sensor - TP542

PIR: Movement Sensor - TP580

PIR: Presence/Absence Detector and Handset - TP582

Touch Button Timer - TP581


Conforms to requirements of EC council directives relating to Electromagnetic Compatibility and Electrical Safety: 2006/95/EC (LVD), 2004/108/EC (EMC) EN 60335-1:2002/A2:2006.
CE marked.


Dimensions: 104.5mm wide x 74.5mm high x 24mm deep
Weight: 91-160g
Finish: High gloss finish
Materials: ABS
Guarantee period: 3 years (UK Only)
Electrical: 24V DC

PIR Movement Sensor
Dimensions: 86mm wide x 86mm high x 19mm deep
Finish: Flame retardant ABS
Guarantee period: ENQ
Electrical: 220-240V AC 50 Hz

PIR: Presence/Absence Detector and Handset 
Dimensions: 76mm diameter x 3.6mm flush x 61.2 deep
Weight: 0.15kg
Finish: Flame retardant ABS and PC/ABS
Guarantee period: ENQ
Electrical: 220-240 Volts AC 50 Hz

Touch Button Timer
Dimensions86mm wide x 86mm high x 19mm deep
Finish: Flame retardant ABS
Guarantee period: ENQ
Electrical: 230V AC 50 Hz

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