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For use with Titon HRV Q Plus Range

auralite status indicator auralite® is a low voltage, hard wired status indicator, that is sited remotely from the unit.

auralite® has six LEDs which display:

  • Normal - the system is running at continuous speed (normal mode) / the unit is running at setback speed if this light is flashing.
  • Frost - the unit is in automatic frost protection mode.
  • Filter - the filters require changing.
  • Boost - the system is running in boost speed / the boost alert is active if this light is flashing.
  • Summer - the unit is in summer bypass.
  • Fault - there is a fault with the system and the installer should be contacted.

Boost alert is a timer designed to prevent the HRV being inadvertently left in Boost for long periods of time. Once the HRV is placed in Boost the timer is started and after 2 hours Boost alert will be activated. This is indicated by the Boost LED flashing. Once Boost alert has been activated the overrun timer is disabled meaning the HRV will return to continuous speed as soon as the switch holding the unit in Boost is released.

Features & Benefits

  • Meets guidelines for occupant accessibility
  • Increases occupant awareness of system operation
  • Can be sited remotely from unit in an easier to access location
  • Discreet design
  • Fits a standard UK patress box
  • Effective in reducing pollutants in the home and improving Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), therefore reducing the risk of Toxic Home Syndrome when installed with HRV units.


System 4

 Compatible with MB and HMB versions of:

  • HRV1.25 Q Plus
  • HRV1.75 Q Plus
  • HRV2 Q Plus
  • HRV3 Q Plus
  • HRV10 Q Plus
  • HRV10M Q Plus


Titon auralite® remote status indicator for use with Titon HRV Q Plus range

Product Code



Meets guidelines for occupant
accessibility as set out in NHBC Standards 2014 - Chapter 3.2: Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery


Dimensions: 90mm wide x 90mm high x 12mm deep

Weight: 50g

Finish: High gloss finish

Materials: Polycarbonate

Guarantee period: 1 year

Electrical: 12VDC

Installation: Suitable for mounting on a standard UK recessed patress box
Supplied with screws

More information / 01206 713800