This section shows the products available to complete a domestic ventilation system, including ducting, controls and items to assist with maintenance, such as filters. If you cannot find the exact product you require, please phone to find out whether we can obtain it for you. Titon has also developed some products specifically to improve the efficiencies of the specifier and contractor when installing systems and the householder and/or landlord when running and maintaining their system.

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Ducting & Terminals
Titon offer a comprehensive range of ducting, terminals and accessories to complement fan units and we advise you ensure the appropriate components are selected in accordance with Regulatory, Best Practice and SAP Q requirements. The range includes Titon exclusive product for more efficient performance. Comprehensive advice is available from Titon on request. Using ducting or duct accessories from other sources may compromise system performance.

A wide range of switches to suit both customer needs and the different features of Titon units, from the basic to the most comprehensive settings.

Every ventilation system needs the ability to remove particulates and pollution, therefore any filters require regular replacement. Filters for units and terminals are available from Titon