Insulation Sleeve

Thermal Insulation Jacket

The insulation jacket consists of an aluminium laminate outer jacket and provided with a glass wool insulation layer.

The thermal insulation is suitable for preventing condensation and minimizing heat loss and loss of cold.

Ducting Insulation Sleeve









  • Insulation in air supply systems
  • Reducing of heat loss
  • Preventing/discharging of condensation



The insulation jacket has standard a barrier. The barrier simplifies the mounting, and the installer will not have unnecessary contact with the glass wool.



Ducting Insulation Sleeve Rolled

Ducting Insulation Sleeve - Rolled


Insulation Sleeve, 25mm thick (10m roll)

Product Code

25mm thick (10m roll):

89707 - 75Ø mm

8970692Ø mm-100Ø mm

89701 - 125Ø mm

89702 - 150Ø mm

89703 - 204 x 60mm

89704 - 220 x 90mm


Article code: DHB{Ø}

Temperature range: -30°C to 140°C

Operating pressure: up to +2000 Pa

Operating air velocity: irrelevant

Min. bending radius: 0.54 x Ø + 25mm

Standard diameter range: 52 – 635 mm

Standard length: 10 mtr


BS 476: Part 6: 1989+A1:2009, EXOUA Warrington Fire Report 388957

BS 476: Part 7: 1997, EXOUA Warrington Fire Report 388956

BS476: Class O, as defined in Approved Document Building Regulations Report 388956, 388957.


Barrier: Polyester film

Glass wool blanket: 25mm, 16kg/m³

Outer jacket: Alu/poly laminate

R-value glass wool: 0.65 m² K/W
(ASTM C177-76)

Thermal conductivity: 0.0385 W/(m.K)

Appearance: Aluminium

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