Q Plus High Flow Brick

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For use with whole house (MVHR or CME) ventilation systems

Q Plus High Flow BrickThe Q Plus High Flow Brick is a unique design as the exceptional airflow performance of a single unit makes it ideal for use in ducted domestic ventilation systems, replacing conventional and unsightly airbricks at least twice the size. A cost effective alternative recommended for use with Titon Q Plus EST Best Practice MVHR and CME products, the Q Plus High Flow Air Brick is designed to be built in to the brickwork during construction. It can be supplied with the appropriate ducting components to bridge the cavity, making easy to connect to the ventilation system when installed. An optional bezel is also available to provide a neat finish when, for example, integrating the High Flow Brick in to external cladding.

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Features & Benefits

  • Unique high flow design equivalent to double brick sized grilles.
  • More discreet than traditional large wall terminations.
  • Cost effective; lower cost than double brick grille and adaptor.
  • Recommended for use with EST Best Practice systems (Titon Q Plus).
  • Saves time and complication of creating double brick size apeture.
  • Designed to be an integral part of external walls.
  • Q Plus High Flow Brick AAO = 8670mm²
  • Q Plus High Flow Brick EA = 10602mm² 
  • Can be supplied with short duct length for build in during construction, creating an unobstructed air path.



Q Plus High Flow Brick

Q Plus High Flow Brick



Q Plus High Flow Brick and Bezel

Q Plus High Flow Brick with Bezel






Q Plus High Flow Air Brick

Product Code

TA350 Air Brick

TA351 Air Brick + 500mm 204x60 duct

TA352 Air Brick + 500mm ducting + 204 to 125mm adaptor

TA356 Bezel


Dimensions: 64.5 height x 213.5 width x 58 depth.

Bezel: Inner 66.30 height x 210.30 wide. Outer plus 15mm.  

Weight: Approx 100g.

AAO: 8670mm²

EA: 10602m

Brick: Terracotta, Sand, Brown, White or Grey.
Bezel: White, Brown or Grey.

Materials: 20% talc filled polypropylene (UV Stabilised).

Installation: Install in accordance with Residential Ventilation Association Good Practice recommendations - details on request.

Maintenance: Wipe with a damp cloth and remove any blockages on a regular basis.

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