Sound Attenuators - Rigid Ducting

For use with Titon HRV Q Plus MVHR range 

Sound Attenuators - DuctingIn the ever changing world of greater energy efficiency and more comfortable living, there has been a step change in the way that designers and specifiers have addressed domestic ventilation challenges.

Many new homes now incorporate central ventilation systems whereupon individual rooms are connected to a central system utilising a heat recovery unit. This allows for the collection of warm moist air from the wet areas, say in the kitchen and bathroom, to be ducted to the central heat recovery unit, where the moisture content is reduced and the dryer, warm air is used to condition fresh air from outside which is returned to other living spaces, such as the lounge and bedrooms.

One of the potential disadvantages to this network of ducting is that noise from the electric fan and mechanical moving parts can be transmitted along the duct runs and cause a noise nuisance to the occupants.

Features & Benefits

  • High-flow performance and low resistance
  • Reducing in-duct noise
  • Prevents cross talk attenuation
  • Available in 204 x 60mm and 220 x 90mm
  • Size length available 500mm, 1000mm and 1500mm
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Anti-corrosive

Key Features

Titon’s plastic duct silencers available in 204mm x 60mm and 220mm x 90mm have been designed for high flow rate installations with low pressure drops.

The new silencer offers many advantages over the traditional metal equivalent with corrosion free plastic construction giving a long serviceable life and no maintenance.

With a height profile of only 95mm, allows for installation in most ceiling and roof voids and can be hidden out of sight on top of kitchen cupboards.

Titon’s plastic duct silencers provide effective attenuation as recommended by Document F of the Building Regulations 2010.


Sound Attenuators - Ducting

Sound Attenuator lengths


Sound Attenuators - Ducting

Sound Attenuator airflow



Sound Attenuators - Ducting Dimensions


Sound Attenuation

Sound Attenuators - Ducting - Sound Attenuation


Static Pressure Loss

Sound Attenuators - Ducting - Pressure Loss


Product Codes

8960290 204 x 60mm Hi Flow 560mm length

8960291 204 x 60mm Hi Flow 1060mm length

8960292 204 x 60mm Hi Flow 1560mm length

8960293 220 x 90mm Hi Flow 560mm length

8960294 220 x 90mm Hi Flow 1060mm length

8960295 220 x 90mm Hi Flow 1560mm length


Available colours: White

Free Area: up to 11,664mm2

Max/min temp: 60°/-15°C

Material used: UPVC

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