Axial Bathroom Range

Extract Fan

150mm (6") Axial bathroom range

Axial bathroom range extract fan

Model type
150mm Axial Fan c/w thermal activated internal shutters and pull cord switch

Features & Benefits

  • Quiet and efficient, the 150mm (6") series has an impressive extract rate of 230m³/hr, 64 litres per second
  • The unit is manufactured using high quality ABS thermoplastics for strength and durability, aesthetics and easy cleaning
  • Power is provided by a single phase induction motor with pre-oiled bearings for a long, maintenance-free life
  • Effective in reducing pollutants in the home and improving Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), therefore reducing the risk of Toxic Home Syndrome.


System 1


Electrical (240v)

220-240V - AC. 50Hz Single Phase consuming 17 watts. These fans are double insulated and do not require an earth. All wiring must comply with current IEE regulations. A double pole isolating switch, having a contact separation of at least 3mm in all poles, must be used with a 3 amp fuse fitted. The fan must not be accessible to a person using either the shower or bath and should be mounted a minimum of 1.8 metres from the floor.

Additional data

Maximum Pressure: 50 p.a.

Fan Speed: 2400 r.p.m.

Sound Volume: 40.0 dB(A)

Maximum Operating Temperature: 40°C

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