For use with whole house ventilation systems.

It is increasingly important to maintain the performance of your mechanical ventilation system. One of the ways to ensure that your system is operating correctly is by checking the filters within the unit. It is recommended that you check your filters at least once a year.

Titon HRV Q Plus filters are available in two grades G3 and G4. Your HRV Q Plus unit comes with G3 filters as standard (HRV10 Q Plus units have G4 filters as standard). G4 filters are a slightly higher grade of filter, but add extra resistance, which in turn may make the unit run at an increased level generating slightly more noise and power consumption.

Filter may be supplied with either metal or plastic frames both are fully compatible with the units.

Please see the table below to identify which filter is suitable for your unit. Once identified, click on the relevant image to purchase replacements via our online shop TitonDirect. For instructions on how to install replacement filters for Titon units please download our instruction sheet here.

For instructions on how to replace filters for the Sonair unit please download the user manual here.

Titon also offers our Award winning Trimbox NO2 Filter® which reduces Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) which is predominantly produced by exhaust gases from diesel engines. Due to this pollution arising in cities and urban areas there is a need to implement mitigation measures to improve the indoor air quality (IAQ). The Trimbox NO2 Filter® is an effective means of reducing high NO2 to an acceptable mean annual concentration level of 40µg/m3.


HRV1/1.25 G3 Filters

HRV1.5/1.75/2/2.75/3 G3 Filters

HRV1.5/1.75/2/2.75/3 G3 (Bypass Unit) Filters

hrv1.5,1.75,2,2.75,3,filters  hrv1.5,1.75,2,2.75,3,filters

HRV1/1.25 G4 Filters

HRV1.5/1.75/2/2.75/3 G4 (Bypass Unit) Filter

HRV1.5/1.75/2/2.75/3 G4 Filters


HRV10 G4 Filters

HRV10 G4 (Bypass unit) Filters

HRV1.5/1.75/2/2.75/3 G3/F7 Filters (400x203)


H200 Filter

Sonair F6 Filter

Sonair G3 Filter