Trimbox Filter®

Offering extra protection against external pollutants

Trimbox FilterTiton’s new Trimbox Filter® - Lined (insulated) and Unlined Units reduces outdoor air pollutants as part of your building ventilation system.

With pollution an ever increasing problem, the Trimbox Filter® allows for extra protection within the home. By adding a Trimbox Filter® to the ventilation system, it allows increased protection from external contaminants. 

Ideal for new build or refurbishment, the Trimbox Filter® creates a safer environment for any dwelling.

Features & Benefits

  • Low pressure drop
  • Low cost
  • Both G4 and F7 pleated filter option
  • Compact design
  • Compatible with Titon’s range of MVHR units
  • Fully lined version reduces the risk of duct bound noise and condensation
  • The unit can be installed in both intake air and supply ducting
  • G4 filter reduces 100% of PM10/35% of PM2.5 particles
  • F7 filter reduces up to 95% of PM2.5 particles.



HRV10 Q Plus dimensions




Product Code

Lined Version:
TP560 - 204x60, TP561 - 220x90, TP562 - Ø125, TP563 - Ø150, TP564 - Ø160

Unlined Version:
TP565 - 204 x 60, TP566 - 220 x 90, TP567 - Ø125, TP568 - Ø150, TP569 - Ø160


Conforms to the European standard for air filters(EN779:2012)


Lined Version
Dimensions: 355mm wide x 203mm high (excluding ports) x 206mm deep

Unlined Version
Dimensions: 338mm wide x 208mm high (excluding ports) x 200mm deep

Lined & Unlined Versions
Port Dimension: 204mm x 60mm, 220mm x 90mm, Ø125mm, Ø150, Ø160

Weight: 4 Kg

Finish: White Paint/Zintec

Housing: Zintec sheet steel housing, powder coated white.
Filters: Grade G4 synthetic filters as standard/F7 wet-laidglass fibre paper
Internal insulation: Closed cell foamed nitrile rubber, class O fire rating
Installation: Install in accordance with regulatory requirements, such as the Domestic Ventilation Compliance Guide (England & Wales) and the Residential Ventilation Association recommendations.
These units can be installed both vertically and horizontally.
Maintenance: Service and filter cleaning/replacementsubject to local environment – see Product Manual.

Replacement filters
G4 Filter – XP2010021
F7 Filter – XP2010121

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