HRV 2 Q Plus

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For use in medium to large sized dwellings

HRV2 Q Plus Mechanical Ventilation with Heat RecoveryThe enhanced capacity ultra-compact HRV2 Q Plus continuously running whole house ventilation unit with heat recovery is independently tested by the BRE. The HRV2 Q Plus MVHR unit gives cutting edge performance usually only associated with much larger and more costly products.

The combination of very low power consumption and a highly efficient heat exchanger is specifically designed to enhance SAP performance via Appendix Q, yet small enough to be easily incorporated into medium sized dwellings.

The Eco versions offer a 100% airflow diverting Summer Bypass, recognised and listed in the UK Product Characteristics Database. They also include intelligent humidity options and can be fitted with the auralite® status indicator (HMB or B Models) or the auramode®aurastat® and aura-tTM controllers (B models only).  .

Features & Benefits

  • Compact unit
  • Highly efficient heat exchanger; up to 90%
  • Extremely low Specific Fan Power of 0.56 W/l/s
  • Lightweight for easy handling
  • Intelligent controller, quick and easy to commission
  • Constant volume fans
  • Accepts 125mm or 150mm diameter ducting, no adaptors required
  • Independent fan adjustment
  • Intelligent frost protection, stepped reduction of supply air rates prevents HRV unit from freezing
  • Setback facility to reduce ventilation where local regulations allow
  • Fully adjustable boost overrun timer 0-60 minutes; can be used with non-latching (momentary) switches to prevent unit from being accidently left in boost mode
  • Volt free switching control
  • Re-usable plastic filter frames
  • Quick fix mounting bracket
  • Patented
  • G3 filters as standard, G4 as an option. more information available here
  • Effective in reducing pollutants in the home and improving Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), therefore reducing the risk of Toxic Home Syndrome.

Basic Version;

  • Summer Mode

Eco Versions;

  • Intelligent Summer Bypass & humidity controls
  • SUMMERboost® facility

Eco HMB Models;

  • Compatible with auralite® status (TP518) indicator
  • Quick access filter doors as standard
  • For further details specific to this product, please see the product manual TP401HMB.

Eco B Models;

  • Compatible with aura range; aurastat®auramode®aura-tTM and auralite® (TP519) controllers
  • Duct heater control (requires independent power supply)
  • Available in left and right handed configurations
  • BMS compatible via RS485
  • For further details specific to this product, please see the product manual TP411B.

Enthalpy Models;

For case studies on the successful application of the HRV2 Q Plus, click here.

For explanations of HRV features, click here.


System 4



Exhaust Terminal
Fan Speed
Specific Fan
Efficiency (%)
Kitchen + 2 additional wet rooms 100% variable 0.56 90
Kitchen + 3 additional wet rooms 100% variable 0.62 90
Kitchen + 4 additional wet rooms 100% variable 0.70 89
Kitchen + 5 additional wet rooms 100% variable 0.79 89
Kitchen + 6 additional wet rooms 100% variable 0.91 88
Kitchen + 7 additional wet rooms 100% variable 1.07 87

Figures taken from the BRE Test Results.

*Number of wet rooms is based on SAP Q test criteria and does not correlate directly with regulatory performance requirements.

Noise Performance  - click here for the acoustic test results.

Performance of the standard version is available on request.

HRV2 Q Plus dimensionsHRV2 Q Plus typical application


Product Code

HRV2 Q Plus - TP401A - Energy Rating A
HRV2 Q Plus HMB Eco auralite® ready - TP401HMB - Energy Rating A
HRV2 Q Plus B Eco aurastat® ready - TP411B/LH (left hand config) or TP411B/RH (right hand config) - Energy Rating A+
XP40032/099 - G3 Filters fitted as standard (In the UK)
XP46022/099 - G4 Filters fitted on request (Standard in Europe)


Conforms to requirements of UK statutory Building Regulations and Technical Standards for Ventilation and BRE 398
SAP Appendix Q tested (
Exceeds requirements of Building Regulations Approved Document L (England & Wales)
EU RoHS Directive compliant
Conforms to requirements of EC council directives relating to Electromagnetic Compatibility and Electrical Safety: 2006/95/EC (LVD)
2004/108/EC (EMC)
EN 60335-1:2002/A2:2006
EN 60335-2-80:2003/A1:2004
CE Marked.    
Other non-UK info available on request


Dimensions: 715mm wide x 490mm high (excluding ports) x 415mm deep (426mm with mounting bracket)
Weight: 24kg
Finish: White Paint
Housing: Zintec sheet steel housing, powder coated white
Internals: Expanded polypropylene (EPP)
Heat Exchanger: Polystyrene
Internal insulation: Closed cell foamed Nitrile rubber, class ‘O’ fire rating
Standard filters: Grade G3 synthetic filters, flame resistance to BS5588
Guarantee period: 3 years (UK only)
Electrical: 230V ~ 50/60Hz, 3A fuse
Installation: Install in accordance with Good Practice, such as the Domestic Ventilation Compliance Guide (England & Wales) and the Residential Ventilation Association recommendations Maintenance: Service and filter clean/replacement subject to local environment - see Product Manual

More information / 01206 713800


Nominal fan performance - Eco Version

All units offer 100% variable speed control.
*@FID (0 Pa)