HRV 2.85 Q Plus

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For use in medium to large sized dwellings

HRV2.75 Q PlusThe enhanced capacity ultra-compact HRV2.85 Q Plus continuously running whole house ventilation unit with heat recovery has been specifically designed to give improved performance over older models, in line with new build design requirements. It is independently tested by the BRE.

Combining extremely low power consumption and a highly efficient heat exchanger, the HRV2.85 Q Plus is specifically designed to enhance SAP performance via Appendix Q, yet still small enough to be easily incorporated into medium or large sized dwellings.
The Eco versions offer a 100% airflow diverting Summer Bypass, recognised and listed in the UK Product Characteristics Database. They also include intelligent humidity options and can be fitted with the auralite® status indicator or the aurastat® controller.

Features & Benefits

  • Highly compact, making a highly versatile unit
  • Lightweight for easy handling
  • Extremely low Specific Fan Power of 0.52 W/l/s
  • Highly efficient heat exchanger; up to 91%
  • Summer Mode facility as standard
  • Intelligent controller, quick and easy to commission
  • Accepts 125mm or 150mm diameter ducting, no adaptors required
  • Independent fan adjustment
  • Intelligent frost protection, stepped reduction of supply air rates prevents HRV unit from freezing
  • Setback facility to reduce ventilation where local regulations allow
  • Fully adjustable boost overrun timer 0-60 minutes; can be used with non-latching (momentary) switches to prevent unit from being accidently left in boost mode
  • Re-usable plastic filter frames
  • Volt free switching control
  • G3 filters as standard, G4 as an option
  • Quick fix mounting bracket
  • Patented features and design
  • Effective in reducing pollutants in the home and improving Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), therefore reducing the risk of Toxic Home Syndrome.

Basic Version;

  • Summer Mode

Eco Versions;

  • Intelligent Summer Bypass & humidity controls
  • SUMMERboost® facility

Eco HMB Models;

Eco B Models; *

  • Compatible with aurastat® controller
  • Duct heater control (requires independent power supply)
  • available in left and right handed configurations

* European models

For explanations of HRV features, click here.

For further details specific to this product, please see the product manuals: TP407A, TP407HMB and TP417B.

System 4



Exhaust Terminal
Fan Speed
Specific Fan
Efficiency (%)
Kitchen + 1 additional wet room 100% variable 0.56 91
Kitchen + 2 additional wet rooms 100% variable 0.52 90
Kitchen + 3 additional wet rooms 100% variable 0.53 90
Kitchen + 4 additional wet rooms 100% variable 0.62 89
Kitchen + 5 additional wet rooms 100% variable 0.71 88
Kitchen + 6 additional wet rooms 100% variable 0.83 88
Kitchen + 7 additional wet rooms 100% variable 0.97 87

Figures taken from the BRE Test Results.

*Number of wet rooms is based on SAP Q test criteria and does not correlate directly with regulatory performance requirements.

Noise Performance  - click here for the acoustic test results.

Performance of the Eco versions may differ slightly and are available on request.

HRV2 Q Plus dimensions



Product Code

HRV2.85 Q Plus - TP407A - Energy Rating A
HRV2.85 Q Plus HMB Eco auralite® ready -
TP407HMB - Energy Rating A
HRV2.85 Q Plus B Eco aurastat® ready - TP417B/LH (left hand config) or TP417B/RH (right hand config) - Energy Rating A+
XP40132/099 - G3 Filters fitted as standard
XP46122/099 - G4 Filters fitted on request
Eco Versions:
XP40133/099 - G3 Filters fitted as standard
XP46133/099 - G4 Filters fitted as standard


Conforms to requirements of UK statutory Building Regulations and Technical Standards for Ventilation and BRE 398
SAP Appendix Q tested
Exceeds requirements of Building
Regulations Approved Document L
(England & Wales)  
EU RoHS Directive compliant  
Conforms to requirements of EC council
directives relating to Electromagnetic
Compatibility and Electrical Safety: 2006/95/EC (LVD)
2004/108/EC (EMC)
EN 60335-1:2002/A2:2006
EN 60335-2-80:2003/A1:2004
CE Marked.
Other non-UK info available on request


Dimensions: 715mm wide x 490mm high
(excluding ports) x 415mm deep (426mm
with mounting bracket)
Weight: 24kg
Finish: White Paint
Zintec sheet steel housing, powder coated white
Internals: Expanded polypropylene (EPP)
Heat exchanger: Polystyrene
Internal insulation: Closed cell foamed Nitrile rubber, class 'O' fire rating
Standard filters: Grade G3 synthetic filters, flame resistant
Guarantee period: 3 years (UK only)
Electrical: 230V ~ 50/60Hz, 3A fuse
Installation: Install in accordance with
Good Practice, such as the Domestic
Ventilation Compliance Guide (England &
Wales) and the Residential Ventilation
Association recommendations.
Maintenance: Service and filter
clean/replacement subject to local
environment - see Product Manual.

More information / 01206 713800

HRV 2.85 Q Plus performance graph

Nominal fan performance

Nominal fan performance - Eco Versions

All units offer 100% variable speed control.
*@FID (0 Pa)