MVHR Selector

Based on the current Building Regulations Part F (England & Wales) this MVHR (Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery) selector will help to establish which of our HRV units is best suited to your project. As demands vary according to airtightness and floor area, please enter the variables below.

Click here for further information on our HRV features and links to animated explanations.

If your project has a larger maximum floor area or more wet rooms than listed below, please contact us on 01206 814879 or, or complete the call back form below to discuss your requirements.

The product selector assumes that ductwork and all associated accessories will be designed and installed in accordance with UK Regulatory and Best Practice guidelines. For further information about our free ventilation system design service or the ducting and accessory choices available form Titon please contact us at

Air tightness (m³/h·m²)

Air permeability as measured at 50Pa. Select less than or equal to (≤) or greater than (>) 5m³/h·m².

Maximum floor area (m²)

The total floor area of the dwelling.

Kitchen plus wet rooms?
Features required?

Summer Bypass - Automatically controlled, bypasses the heat exchanger when indoor/outdoor temperature conditions make heat exchange undesirable.

SUMMERboost® - Increases both the supply and extract to full speed when the automatic bypass engages.

Recommended MVHR Unit:

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To ensure this product is the most suitable for your project, we would like to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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