Over-head extract fan / trickle ventilator

For use on PVCu, timber or aluminium windows

Vent-trex is a unique combined overhead extract fan and trickle ventilator for kitchen and bathroom that fits discreetly within the window aperture on top of the
window frame. Vent-Trex is ideal for refurbishment situations where wall penetration is undesirable, as it does not damage the fabric of the building or where external aesthetics need to be preserved.

It provides a trickle ventilation performance Equivalent Area (EA) of 2500mm2 minimum and extract ventilation rates to suit either kitchen or bathroom offering
compliance via one product.

Features & Benefits

  • Unique combined extract fan / trickle ventilator.
  • Suitable for all window types.
  • Integral with window, ideal for refurbishment situations.
  • Avoids damage or penetration of building fabric.
  • Easy to install.
  • Saves wall space
  • Low installation costs compared to traditional extract ventilators.
  • Bathroom version - single speed (15 l/s*).
  • Kitchen version - two speed (60 l/s and 30 l/s*).
  • 2500mm² EA minimum.
  • Low energy usage.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • IP24 rating.
  • Pull cord switch and power light (dependant on model).
  • Humidistat option available (integral or remote).
  • Available with remote PSU.
  • Continuous power or continuous running versions.
  • Variable speed version.
  • Suitable for use in conservation areas.
  • 2 year guarantee.
  • Effective in reducing pollutants in the home and improving Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), therefore reducing the risk of Toxic Home Syndrome.

*Airflow is reduced at lengths less than 1200mm (Kitchen version) with integral PSU, or 1040mm with remote PSU, and reduced fan rotor lengths (Bathroom version).

System 1


Before Vent-trex Installation

After Vent-trex Installation




(Full test details available on request)

Equivalent Area (EA) – 2500mm² (Minimum).

Free Area (mm²) – Bathroom model: Integral PSU (length 540–2500mm): 5280mm² min.

Remote PSU (length 410–2500mm): 5280mm² min.

Kitchen model: Length 960–2500mm: 9000mm².


230V AC Voltage / Power Consumption (standard version).

12V Bathroom – 5W @ 15 l/s (540mm length) (Integral PSU).

24V Kitchen – 38W @ 60 l/s (1200mm length) (Integral PSU).

Motor protection: IP24 Rating CE marked according to LVD and EMC directives.


White finish as standard to RAL 9010. Can be supplied in different colours. External Canopy and Internal fan can be coloured independently. Details available on request.

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