Overture DH


For use on PVCu, timber or composite doors

Overture DH

A high performance range of zinc and aluminium door handles suited with Overture E window handles. Available in sprung lever/lever and lever/pad variations.


Features & Benefits

  • Tested to over 100,000 cycles
  • All finishes tested in excess of 240 hours salt spray testing
  • Short (211.5mm) and long (240mm) baseplate options
  • Sprung handles
  • Supplied with two spindle lengths and two screw lengths as standard
  • Each pair individually packaged
  • Colour coordinated screw heads





Product Door Width (mm) Product Code
Overture DH-Z or DH-A 210 L1/L1 (Door Handle Short Baseplate Lever1/Lever1) 40-70 TN8100 TN8104
Overture DH-Z or DH-A 210 L1/P1 (Door Handle Short Baseplate Lever1/Pad1*) 40-70 TN8101 TN8105
Overture DH-Z or DH-A 240 L1/L1 (Door Handle Long Baseplate Lever1/Lever1) 40-70 TN8102 TN8106
Overture DH-Z or DH-A 240 L1/P1 (Door Handle Long Baseplate Lever1/Pad1**) 40-70 TN8103 TN8107
* Split Spindle - Door lock specific spindle may be required
** Offset Spindle
NB: Reduction of spindle and/or screws may be required to achieve the full door width range

Overture DH

Manufactured From

Die cast aluminium

Die cast zinc.


Salt spray tested to 240 hours (BS EN1670 Grade 3)

Cycle tested to 100,000 cycles as per EN1906: 2002.


Note: Not all products are available in all of the finishes listed below. Please contact for availability.

Suffix product code with:

  • 020 (White Paint)
  • 102 (PVD Gold)
  • 812 (Polished Chrome)
  • 825 (Satin Chrome)
  • 009 (Dark Chrome)

More information / 01206 713801