Overture Door Accessories - Door Fittings


For use on PVCu, timber or composite doors

Overture Door Accessories

A suited range of door furniture for all door materials including: high quality letter plate, door knocker, numerals, viewers and door chain. Designed to be used in conjunction with the Overture DH door handle range, hinges and locks.






Features & Benefits

Fully suited range includes

  • Overture Door Knockers - Urn design door knockers with or without aperture for Overture V Door Viewer
  • Overture V Door Viewers - Viewers of different lengths, with minimum view angle of 120° precision optical glass with cover. Viewers are adjustable to fit doors 35mm to 90mm thick
  • Overture Letter Plates - High quality letter plate
  • Overture Door Chains - Acts as a visible deterrent, enables conversation without allowing access to visitors
  • Overture Numerals - Range of numerals and letters
  • External fittings, in all finishes, tested to a minimum of 240 hours salt spray


Overture Door Accessories









Product Product Code
Overture LP Set (Letter Plate Inner & Outer) TN8200
Overture DK Urn V (Door Knocker with viewer hole) TN8300
Overture DK Urn (Door Knocker without viewer hole) TN8301
Overture V (Door Viewer) 35mm-60mm TN8303
Overture V (Door Viewer) 60mm-90mm TN8302
Overture N (Numeral(s) & Letters): ‘0’ - TN8409 ‘1’ - TN8400
  ‘2’ - TN8401 ‘3’ -TN8402
  ‘4’ - TN8403 ‘5’ - TN8404
  ‘6’ - TN8405 ‘7’ - TN8406
  ‘8’ - TN8407 ‘9’ - TN8408
  ‘A’ - TN8410 ‘B’ - TN8411
Overture SC (Door Chain) TN8500


Overture Door Accessories






Manufactured From

Zinc or Aluminium.


Salt spray tested to 240 hours (BS EN1670 Grade 3)

Cycle tested to 50,000 cycles.


Note: Not all products are available in all of the finishes listed below. Please contact for availability.

Suffix product code with:

  • 020 (White Paint)
  • 102 (PVD Gold)
  • 812 (Polished Chrome)
  • 825 (Satin Chrome)
  • 002 (Black Paint)
  • 009 (Dark Chrome)

More information / 01206 713801